かねてから ご要望頂いていました日本人のためのドクターズ リンパドレナージ講座がいよいよスタートする事になりました


しかし リンパ管が傷つくとその支配領域に浮腫が生じ細胞分裂が著しく減少します


また リンパ管は再生可能ですが リンパ節は再生しないという特徴があります

日本では あまり重要視されていませんが リンパ管一本が新生するかどうかで生死が分かれる事もあります


お一人様のみ お席がございます
土曜日 午後のクラスです



尚、このクラスは 医療従事者のみとさせて頂いております
講座場所など 詳しくはお問い合わせ下さい



"Lymph drainage for the doctor"
Open in April

Lymphatic drainage course for Asian who had been requested for a while now is about to start

Because the lymph duct is transparent, it may not be noticed that it was cut at the time of treatment
However, damage to the lymph duct results in edema in its dominant area and markedly decreases cell division
Healing will be delayed

In addition, lymphatic vessels are regenerable but lymph nodes do not regenerate

Although it is not regarded as much importance in Japan, there is also a case where life and death are separated depending on whether or not a single lymph duct is newly born
It is a lecture to deepen such knowledge

There is a seat only for one person
It is a class on Saturday afternoon

If you are interested please contact us from the message

In addition, this class is only for medical staff




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